Latitude should be expressed in decimal degrees.
Longitude should be expressed in decimal degrees.Negative values indicate the longitudes in the Western hemisphere.

NOTE: If you do not know exactly the UV albedo at your point, you can use approximate UV albedo according to the type of surface and surroundings: ground (grass) - 2%; trees and snow - 40%; bare snow within 1 km - 70%
In range 0...90%
In range 150...490 DU
In range 0...0.99
In range 0...1

NOTE: Full body - 1; face and neck - 0.09; arms - 0.18; legs - 0.36; palm and fingers - 0.01

The approach of UV resource estimating is described in the papers: N. Chubarova, Ye. Zhdanova Ultraviolet resources over Northern Eurasia, Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology, Elsevier BV (Netherlands), V. 127, p. 38-51, 2013.
N. Chubarova, Y. Zhdanova, Y. Nezval A new parameterization of the UV irradiance altitude dependence for clear-sky conditions and its application in the on-line UV tool over Northern Eurasia, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 2016. Vol. 16. P. 11867-11881.
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